My Testimony

I was raised in church from the womb. My parents were heavily involved in church, and since I was always with them, I was a part of the whole “church experience.” I went to church camp, Sunday school, Wednesday night services, Tuesday night prayer services, and revivals. I was involved in bible quiz (junior and teen), fine arts, youth group activities, and more.

I was your typical “church kid.” I had the persona of being “perfect,” and I wanted to keep it that way. The funny part is, that was far from the truth.

I had my struggles. Struggles with making good, Christian friends. Struggles with relationships and temptations. Struggles with difficult circumstances that I wanted to bury down deep, and of course the struggles that every teenager faces.

I was pretty good at hiding my sins and my issues. I put a perfectly placed smile on my face. I lived out my high school career with a love and knowledge of Jesus, but I had a poor relationship with Him.

After my first semester of college, I hit my version of rock-bottom, and came to the realization that I NEEDED to stop messing around and get serious about my relationship with Jesus.

Since then, I have been through many tests and trials (like losing my momma to cancer), but Jesus has remained faithful in my life, and though I still struggle, my faith never waivers. I seek God every single day of my life, and my life is full of joy because of Him. I am thankful for His grace, unconditional love, and promises.

This is why I am writing this blog.

I want to give practical, biblical advice for the things that you are experiencing now. I want you to come as you are with your mess, your brokenness, and your daily struggles. I want to share my stories and experiences to give you hope, helpful tips and advice, and a connection to other believers that are going through the same things that you are. I promise to relatable, real, and honest.

My goal here is to spread the light of Jesus into this dark and dying world.