You may be wondering what “Mommin’ in Faith” means.

To me, it’s taking my hot mess, imperfect self, with spit-up stains and all, to a perfect King who always has His arms wide open to embrace me before I exhaustively fall apart.

It’s knowing that how I look at my beautiful child, is how God looks down at me. Though I may hysterically ugly cry at times, He still picks me up, and loves me unconditionally.

It’s striving to be a virtuous wife, who may fail daily, but tries her best to uphold the Proverbs 31 scriptures.

It’s encouraging other woman who deal with the daily demands of a chaotic home and screaming children, to hide in a closet (if you’re lucky), open a bible or a devotional, and meditate (to the best of your ability) on the inspiring words that the Lord has given you.

This is where the broken, exhausted, and imperfect women come to feel uplifted, encouraged, empathized with, never judged, and always welcome for a virtual hug.

It’s a community of likeminded woman, joining each other in faith.

This is a come as you are kind of blog. Whatever walk of life you come from, whether you were raised in church from the womb, a new baby Christian, or someone in doubt, this blog is for you. I am here to encourage you, and remind you that you are a daughter of the King. The world may shake you, but Jesus will calm the metaphoric seas of your life. He stands at the door and knocks, waiting for you to answer and let Him into your life.

I am just an ordinary, imperfect vessel, but the Lord is using my words, stories, and testimony for His great works.


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